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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a beautiful girl!

Yesterday I had the fantastic priveledge of meeting a beautiful 3 year old fun little girl named Olivia. It was in part of The Littlest Heroes Project that I am a part of. Olivia was diagnosed on black friday this past year with Medulloblastoma. She has been through so much in this short time since she was diagnosed with the cancer. She was so amazing her smile melted my heart and I teared up when she laughed because she was so beautiful. She was a bit shy at first but after a round of peek a boo and some bubble blowing she was all smiles. Her little "purple puppy" (her stuffed toy friend) wanted to sit on my head and hang from the tree like a monkey and Olivia laughed hysterically each time. I made her a tutu which she sported proudly and wore home to show daddy. She was treated like a celebrity getting so many snapshots I couldn't stop. I sent them to her mom last night and I couldn't decide which ones to send because they were all so cute I sent them all! I feel so blessed meeting this amazing family. Olivia's mom Lulu is due any day with another little baby. This family is going through so much I can not believe how strong they all are, smiling the entire time! Please visit their caring bridge site to learn more on Olivia and if you can send in a donation to help the ongoing medical bills this family has faced. Here is a link to her site :


Mindy @ Rolle Photography April 1, 2009 at 9:59 PM  

Checked out your photos girl...they are so WONDERFUL!! I know the family will love and cherish them so much. Your talent and personality are nothing short of AMAZING!

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